Since 2002 Beauty-for-You, provides the highest quality of hair extensions for woman all around the world. Our idea is to search for the newest and most advanced methods for hair extensions and also acquiring the highest quality hair, that is available all around the world. The hair is taken under strict quality tests to provide the best service/products to our clients. Each strand of hair is taken under our control, to maintain the name of the best hair extensions company at the market.

As a company, we deal with training future (stylists from extending), volumizing and non-surgical hair complementation, as well as training from trichology, and especially computer scalp analysis and hair analysis with help of trichology micro camera.

We supply hairdressing salons and extensions stylists with devices such as trichology micro cameras, ultrasounds, necessary accessories and hair of highest quality: virgin polish, Slavic, European and international hair brands such as Balmain Hair. We also offer individual order shipping.

Beauty-for-You Hair Clinic in Krakow provides services in the field of hair extensions and thickening for 25 different methods, including integration systems.

Thanks to the fact that in our Clinic we work with the hair we sell, we have constant and direct contact with people wearing our hair extensions, and thus constantly improve the quality of our products and services.

Cooperation with stylists and salons usually begins with training and lasts for many years – it involves the mutual exchange of information and recommending clients, as well as buying and selling hair. Our trainees are our multi-stakeholder business partners.

Orders placed in our Wholesale / shop, are being processed on the same business day and are delivered the following day, if the order consists of the products that are in constant sale they are placed before 12 o’clock is placed with concern products that are in constant sale, then the order will be shipped by 12 o’clock the following day.

We process pre-paid orders and cash on delivery throughout Poland, as well as post-paid and foreign postal parcels.

We invite all professionals and people starting their journey with hair extensions to come, visit us and invite you to the partnership.

Beauty for You Team