Beauty-for-You for several years training whose aim is to prepare professional trichology participants to perform treatments trichology - both for individuals, salons and hairdressing schools.

We are working on devices and materials of the highest quality. The training is carried out in the form of lectures and exercises, it takes 1 to 4 days – everything depends on the student's preferences. During the practical part, we use the same high-quality hair, on which we are working with current clients.

The advantages of the introduction of the trichological module to the hair salon

1. Generates additional profit from tests

The test does not last long, its price for the client 50-150 with no additional costs. With such a price investment in the course very quickly. Many people decide to study in anticipation of the visit, or shortly after it. Customers often have many questions about the scalp and hair-this will help dispel the trained trycholog.

2. Additional profit from the sale of products

Trycholog also helps to choose the appropriate skin care that will help remove ailments and prevent irregularities. Customers very often decide to buy products relevant to the needs of the scalp and hair as soon as possible to be able to make recommendations.

3. To broaden awareness among customers and hairdressers

During the test, the client and pet groomers in the lounge, expand your knowledge of skin care and hair. Customers are more likely to come back to the salon, to purchase other cosmetics for skin care. Stylists do their best to effectively help clients solve their problems and find the right products.

4. Creating a good mood in the beauty and an incentive to further visits.

The client is handled more professionally by the salon. Notice that well-targeted care brings positive effects. It is also encouraged to visit, to see the effect, often going back to the living room after the purchase of selected products.


Beauty for You company is included in training institutions register book. After meeting the required conditions You can apply for training finaNcing possibility through the National Training Fund. We assist in filling all documents.

For more details, please contact the corresponding Employment Office at your location or contact us by phone.




• Anatomy and physiology of the hair and scalp

• Common problems of scalp and hair

• The primary client interview

• Scalp care methods

• The safety of scalp and hair

• Treatment regimens in hair and scalp care

• Hair loss

• Hair loss: types and causes

• Methods to prevent hair loss

TRAINER: Tomasz Kochańczyk

Price: 950.00 zł


• Micro camera: the use and objectives of

• Image analysis of micro camera

• The primary client interview

• Communication the results of the analysis

• The base of cases

• The choice of methods to prevent changes in sick leave

• When it is necessary to get help from the doctor?

• How to choose a treatment in the beauty/doctor's Office to the problem of hair and scalp?

• Daily care in the customer's home

TRAINER: Tomasz Kochańczyk

Price: 1200.00 zł


• Determine the type of baldness

• Trichogram

• Skin care: their structure and functions

• Analysis of the chemical composition of cosmetics

• The importance of ingredients in cosmetics (the "good" and "bad" components)

• The legal aspect of cosmetics in Poland

• Extended interview with the client

• Advanced analysis of the problem

• Selection of the method of dealing with the problem

• When it is necessary to get help from the doctor?

• How to choose a treatment in the beauty of hair and scalp?

• Daily care in the customer's home

• A non-invasive method of compaction and replenishment of hair-cross section

TRAINER: Tomasz Kochańczyk

Price: 1290.00 zł

When purchasing devices Tricho-Cam recommend you make use of the training analysis on your device for the price of 300 zł. 


People who wish to enter the basic services of the trichological along with analysis of the scalp and hair on the device Tricho-Cam we recommend the use of a dedicated training with analysis on the device of enriched with a basic knowledge of the trichology, being a combination of Level I and Level II, at a price of 1500 zł. 

TRAINER: Tomasz Kochańczyk

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