Pliers without a doubt are one of the basic tools, without which it can not do any salon and stylist. Pliers (3 mm) are dedicated to kerawax, much more durable substances connecting from keratin, although much more demanding. 
Pliers (6 mm).This tool was created to form keratin and is recommended for beginners. In contrast to the much more powerful kerawax, keratin is more plastic, and it is easier in substance.
In the offer you will find also scales with teeth that make it easier to break up the keratin calls, placing spacers on the "book" and clamping rings and pliers with a smooth surface, which does not wear nail polish with micro rings.
A separate category is special scissors for cutting. Certainly will help you during the processing of the ends of the hair strands. Thanks to its design, we are able to cut up to 1 mm, which provides you with exceptional precision.

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